Monday, February 6, 2017

From Sasikala to BJP – everyone is taking TN people for a ride.

Entire Tamilnadu is seething with anger at the moment. Even the opposition leader Stalin who must be feeling elated at the developments in the ADMK, looked genuine and disturbed  when he said that Sasikala’s elevation is anti-people and that people did not vote for her but only for Jayalalithaa. The sad part of discourse among Tamils is they have started trolling him that DMK voters voted for Karunanidhi and not for him, without realising that there is a point in what he has said and in what they are saying as a retort to him.

As far as ADMK is concerned, a vote for any candidate of that party and a victory for him / her is actually a vote / victory for Jayalalithaa. In the recent Assembly elections, both Jayalalithaa and Karunanidhi made a statement that the voters must think that they are voting for them only (Jayalalithaa / Karunanidhi) when they are casting their vote for the candidate of their constituency.  The difference as it is applicable now is that Sasikala was nowhere near the electoral scene whereas Stalin contested the elections. So when a DMK voter cast his vote he knew pretty well that Stalin is in the reckoning to claim the legacy of his father, whereas no one knew that the vote they cast for ADMK would one day bring Sasikala into CM”s chair! That is where we the people who have been given the right to choose our leader feel cheated when Sasikala made her bid to the throne with all the MLAs conniving with her.

Drohis with Mega Drohi.

As such what the MLAs have done is nothing short of back-stabbing Jayalalithaa who had given them the identity as the MLA. If only we had known or got the slightest inkling that Sasikala is going to usurp the throne, many of us would not have voted for the candidate standing under ADMK banner.

Why we didn’t have an inkling of that? It’s because one of the main planks on which Jayalalithaa sought our votes was that we must not bring in the rule by one family – meaning that of Karunanidhi. Secondly Jayalalithaa gave an appearance that Sasikala would remain what she is – a maid taking care of her personal needs and that all the other members of Sasikala’s family would be banished for ever – which was true until Jayalalithaa was alive.

That she was no more than a maid taking care of Jayalalithaa was reiterated by Sasikala herself in her first ever speech we heard where she said that she spent her life asking Jayalalithaa what she would have for eating and when she would leave for the Secretariat. It looks obvious that Sasikala was not an intellectual friend or a friend with whom Jayalalithaa could share her thoughts. That sharing might have happened in the past, but once she was driven out of her house (and taken back later),  Jayalalithaa must have grown cautious in what she could share with her. But a monster is a monster and how well one may have succeeded in bottling it up, its tendency is to break open and come out to wreck the havoc. That has happened now.

With the entire group of ADMK MLAs having revealed their true colours and cheated not only Jayalalithaa but also the people who voted for them, it further remains a shocking truth that no sane voice is being heard from the powers that be at the centre

On the day Jayalalithaa’s body remained in state, the entire State was crying like an orphan. The sight of Mannarkudi Mafia around her body sent shock waves among the people. But the tall leader on whose arrival people screamed to let out their sorrow, gave a consoling touch to Sasikala and acknowledged Natarajan’s presence. Though most of us were shocked at that sight, we had none other than ourselves to console that it was after all a gesture at a sad moment.

Why this gesture?

But are we right in our guess or are we being taken for a ride by selfish power mongers whom we thought are saviours of our nation?

The ‘Porki’ fame Subramanian Swamy seemed to endorse Sasikala’s elevation when he tweeted that if Sasikala becomes CM she must control the porkis. Does he not feel enraged at such an elevation of Sasikala - he as one who worked hard for removing Jayalalithaa? Or is Sasikala  a plant by him as she was supposed to have been introduced to Jayalalithaa by his friend Chandraleka? Swamy’s silence on Sasikala speaks volumes of his endorsement of her for the post.

What this man is doing with Natarajan?

For Venkaiah Naidu, Sasikala’s selection by MLAs is still an ‘internal matter’.  It is an internal matter of ADMK when she was elected as General Secretary. But once she is set to take up Chief-minister-ship, it is no longer internal matter. As that impacts the entire state, that cannot be ignored as an internal matter or something within permitted law. If the law permits such an elevation of a person, then such law is flawed.

But behind these hands-off impression created by the BJP, what looks obvious is that the BJP is working with an agenda in TN particularly with reference to ADMK. As Sasikala’s elevation is fraught with a possibility of ADMK breaking down sooner than never, the BJP is waiting for that moment or wanting that to happen. This could bring in DMK in to power, and BJP does not seem to be averse to it. Perhaps the acquittal of Maran brothers was part of a grand plan. The plan may be to destroy one party (ADMK) now and if possible the other (DMK) later.  

But would that all end up with giving BJP an edge in TN? Should we undergo a travesty of Dharma now so that someday a party that mouths expletives on Dharma would come to rule us?

Isn’t Dharma something that must be upheld at all times?